Multimedia-Sensing-Motion System, DSK8218

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This electronic combo kit contains all the electronic modules and cable to construct complicate WiFi 802.11b wireless mobile multimedia robot such as the WiRobot Mobile Head. It comes with WiRobot Multimedia Controller, Sensing-Motion controller, WiFi wireless module, camera module, audio module, 2 motor driver boards, 6 sonar sensor modules, 2 human detector modules, tilt/acceleration module, IR range detector, 2 Optical Encoder, 2 DC motor, temperature sensing module, force sensors, Graphic LCD Module, cables and etc.

All the embedded firmware for both controllers has been pre-loaded and PC software is also included.

Battery, servo and mechanical system for building the WiRobot Mobile Head are not included.

Included Main Modules:

PMB5010 Robot Multimedia Controller 1
PMS5005 Robot Sensing and Motion Controller 1
MDM5253 DC Motor Drive with Position and Current Feedback Module 2
DUR5200 Ultrasonic Range Detector 6
DHM5150 Pyroelectric Human Motion Detector 2
DTA5102 Two-Axis Tilt and Acceleration Sensor Module 1
DAT5280 Ambient Temperature Detector 1
GP2Y0A21YK Sharp IR Distance Measuring Sensor 1
FSR400 Force Sensing Resistor (5 piece pack) 1
N/A Optical Encoder 2
N/A DC 12V 50:1 Gearhead Motor 2
WFS802g WiFi 802.11g serial module with antenna 1
MCR3210P RS232 Interface Module with power connector 1
MIR5538 38KHz Infrared Remote Controller Module 1
DIR5538 38KHz Infrared Remote Controller 1
MCI3908 Color Image Module with Camera 1
MAC5310 Audio Codec and Audio Power Amplifier Module 1
BAS8100 8 Ohm 1W Speaker 1
SAM5247 Mini Omni-directional Microphone 1
MGL5128 128x64 Graphic LCD Module 1

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